In order to be able to participate in our auction, you will be asked to enter a valid credit card number as you place your first bid. This is only for verification purposes and no payments will be taken at that time.

The payment will appear on your credit card statement as SIGNATURE PRO.

All bids are considered a promise to purchase and all winners have the obligation to pay for items they bid for.


Recovering your items

The majority of the listed items in in the auction will be shipped from Make-A-Wish with no additional cost to the buyer. However, a select few items require the shipment cost to be billed back to the buyer or have a local pick-up option only. If this affects your item, it will be clearly identified within the item description so that you are aware in advance of selecting to bid on the item.

If you bid on an item requiring additional shipping payment, you will be contacted by Make-A-Wish® to process the payment.

Each auction item is housed at a Make-A-Wish ® office in Canada.  Since each auction item has different weights and shipping locations, we are unable to calculate the costs until the final bidder provides their details.