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Lot 118

Calabogie 45 minute Mustang Race Car Experience
Winning bid$350.00
Winning bidderAlbert Hutten
Bid time09:02 pm
Offered byCalabogie Motorsports Park
Bid increment$25.00

Product Description

Calabogie Race Car Experience. Finally, you get to drive – This experience is great for all skill levels. Includes an orientation and theory session and 45 mins. of accelerating lapping following a lead car. As long as you show good car control, and prove your comfortable at race speeds, you’re setting the pace. You’ll enjoy 45 minutes of adrenalin pumping action in a Mustang Race Car. Note, this experience is in Calabogie, Ontario.

Auction History

Auction has finished

The winner of this item is :Albert Hutten

Date Bid User Auto
2020-12-03 21:02:04$350.00Albert Hutten
2020-12-03 20:29:39$325.00Doug Best
2020-12-03 20:27:52$300.00Joe Frangione
2020-12-03 20:19:52$275.00Doug Best
2020-12-03 19:45:12$250.00Joe Frangione
2020-12-03 19:43:44$225.00Albert Hutten
2020-12-03 19:43:29$200.00Joe Frangione Auto
2020-12-03 19:43:29$175.00Albert Hutten
2020-12-03 19:42:25$150.00Joe Frangione Auto
2020-12-03 19:42:25$125.00Albert Hutten
2020-12-03 19:41:08$100.00Joe Frangione
2020-12-03 09:00:00Starting bid is 100$