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Lot 108

Prince Edward Island Deep Sea Fishing Private Charter
Winning bid$900.00
Winning bidderKent Scales
Bid time05:48 pm
Bid increment$20.00

Product Description

For people of all ages and all different skill types, Joey’s Deep Sea Fishing offers cod and mackerel fishing trips in the scenic Gulf of St. Lawrence in Prince Edward Island. Whether you are a first timer, everyday fisherman or seasoned veteran, they promise you will have a lot of laughs, catch lots of fish and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whale and seal sightings are not uncommon and the view of PEI from the water is breathtaking. Valid for a Private Charter, Cod/Mackerel tour, includes 16 passes. No expiry date.

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The winner of this item is :Kent Scales

Date Bid User Auto
2020-12-09 17:48:56$900.00Kent Scales
2020-12-09 16:53:26$840.00Colson Cole
2020-12-08 13:35:19$800.00Kent Scales
2020-12-08 12:35:14$740.00Colson Cole
2020-12-08 11:35:49$700.00Kent Scales
2020-12-08 11:33:43$670.00Larry Bergmann
2020-12-08 11:24:16$650.00Kent Scales
2020-12-05 10:38:37$530.00Larry Bergmann
2020-12-05 05:45:03$490.00Kaizen Initiatives Inc.
2020-12-03 22:50:33$470.00Larry Bergmann
2020-12-03 20:27:03$250.00CSN Cowichan
2020-12-03 09:00:00Starting bid is 250$